Friday, February 8, 2013

When Two Become One By Owen Habel Lwanda and Lola K.

Pacify my trembling
Heart with the
Warmth of you blood.
Lay me to rest in a
Chariot of ecstasy
And take me
High above
The blue sensational

Touch my waist
Kiss my lips
Lick my neck
Arouse my cravings
Scream as I sigh
Take me to paradise

My hands shaking, yet eager to touch
Pulling, pushing, squeezing for life
Pain and pleasure dance gracefully together
As wetness drips from our lips

Hearts fully opened
There is no room for fear
Too enraptured in the now
To submerged in the here

Receive my sweetness
With open arms
Then interlock me
From within
Drop the power
Of my strength....
Drop the power
Of my strength

And then take me to ecstasy again…

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