Monday, January 14, 2013

Owen Habel- A True Romeo

Well I still got it! hahaha Someone wrote a poem for me today inspired by this picture:

Here is the Poem, by Owen Habel:

I swallow heavy gulps
Of saliver 
When i glance at your lips
I wonder what the
Feeling would be like if i 
Looked at your heaps

The way you bite 

that tongue
Makes me want to be
A thug
And steal a kiss to bliss my dry lips with your wetness

Am staring at your smile

And my mind goes
yonder for a while

The pigment on ur skin is

That of an angel
The dreads on your head
Summerizes my thoughts
U define beauty

He is very talented and prolific. You all should check out his blog by clicking on the picture...  
He is from Kenya and he is going to be in the Magazine.


  1. angel lola..... heaven misses your beauty. thanks for making the earth glitter

  2. Build it and they will come! Thank you Owen for giving me my first comment on my blog ever! :D And such a sweet one at that!

  3. You fucking talented sexy and you no how to twerk and I want to fuck the one with black her