Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Khal's, Conan's and Momoa's...Oh My! (Jason Momoa)

Tonight, I am taking a moment, just to reflect on the pure sexiness of Jason Momoa.

This WAS gonna be a blog dedicated to Sexy Ass Khal Drago...


Then I got a friendly reminder from an old HS friend of mine that this sexy piece of work here is ALSO the same Sexy Piece of work from...

You guessed it! Conan the Barbarian!
Can we just take a moment to admire those pecs?

What got me started on this Hawaiian God fix?

It all started when I was looking at Game of Thrones, Season 1, for the first time (yes...I'm late). It's SO gooooooooooood.It's got some demented shit in it, that's for sure...but it's good 
for an adult show. 

Now, in my opinion, Khal Drago is the sexiest and most manly guy in the show:

Oh..Be still my heart....*Sigh* Ok...Focusing... So aside from Khal Drago's amazing size...*wink*wink...It was this: He is so charismatic, he is strong, he is a leader, he's passionate, patient, respectful, he honors his woman and will do anything for her. He is so good to her, and being with him, makes her a stronger and better person. This is what a MAN is supposed to do, improve and inspire you. Now, just so I don't seem like I'm supporting that rapey shit at the beginning, I'll be clear. I do not, in any way shape or form, agree with any form of rape aside from willing pseudo rape (violent, rough sex) between two consenting adults. Not my thing, but do you...Now obviously, this is a show and it is supposed to reflect the mentality of that type of tribe and let's face it, this stuff is still going on. Arranged marriages are happening every day. Some men will wait for you to be ready to have the sex and some won't. I hate to sound harsh with this next comment but, I'm gonna say it anyway. Daenerys wanted/agreed to this. She wanted to get her  kingdom/throne back for her and her family and this was the cost. Men and women make these sort of agreements everyday. Does it change the fact that he raped her? No. But she agreed to be sold to him and knew that he was going to be taking it...that comes with the territory of marrying a king. When he wants it, he's gonna take it...Doesn't make it right, but this is a TV show, that is to some degree based on the way humans typically handle things. So now that that's out of the way...Let's get back to his awesomeness. 
So aside from the obvious, EVERYTHING ELSE he did in this role was EXACTLY the way I feel a man should be, and not just a man, but the relationship between men and women (within reason). He was strong enough to lift her up, he listened to her when she had a complaint, he put her before his friends, he made love to her, he spoke respectfully to her (in private and in public), he NEVER hit her, he was affectionate with her, he fought for her and in his own way, was romantic toward her...He did all of it. She, in return, learned his language, spoke respectfully toward him (in private and in front of his tribe), she made love to him and improved upon her skill, she nurtured him, stood up for him and never abandoned him. This to me is love. When two people love each other, this is how they should treat each other. It's no wonder that she came to fall so deeply in love with him. Look how he treated her! Anyway...that's about all I have to say about Khal Drago... I'll be dreaming about being your khaleesi! 

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