Monday, December 10, 2012

Not Quite Black and Blue Memoir Update

Hey all. I have just finished my last, extra long chapter. There are only 4 more short chapters left and then I will do a read through-making all necessary addenda-and then I will be done with the first draft. I am so excited to have accomplished this feat. It's been about 6 months in the making and I have gong through a lot of emotional ups and downs putting it all together. I am only about 2,000 words away from being at 30,000 words, I'm sure that will happen. I figure after 2 or 3 people critique it and I do my addenda (I just learned that word, along with synopses), I will be somewhere between 35k and 40k words; that's just what I need to have it be considered a "novel" (well, technically, it's 45k-50k, but 35k-40k was my goal; that's close enough). If I don't get there, it really won't matter, I am still going to put it out...but it would be nice if it were the size of a book and not a pamphlet hahaha :D Anyway, that's all. I'm gonna hit the hay.  

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