Saturday, February 2, 2013

Twin Poems- Lola K and Owen Habel

LaShawn Tolson (a writer in our upcoming magazine) told me that she was doing a collaboration with the very talented poet: Owen Habel Lwanda. I had been thinking about a topic for a poem myself and decided that I should like to do something similar with Owen. I wanted to write a poem about heart break, using cupid's arrow. What is wonderful about having decided to do this collaboration is that Owen had the courage to say what I wouldn't say, and that was how sometimes when you are in a relationship with someone, you can be really hard on yourself and feel like everything you do is "stupid". I am constantly feeling embarrassed in my present relationship. So without further ado, here are the twin poems that we wrote.

I will start with his, because the feelings he has expressed, are what led to the feelings expressed in mine...


The wounds of
His broken heart
Priented scars on
His soul.
Love to him sounds
Foul, filth...
And is full of
Grumbling growls

He bought
A bunch of roses
And found his hands
Handing them over
To her...
He felt stupid

He thought
His heart had bruises.
But found it
Falling in love
With her...
He felt stupid

He promised
Never to love
But her presence
Deepens the intake
Of his breath...
He feels stupid

But all that is Cupid
That stings in a way
that's candid
She makes him
Feel splendid
But he after words
feel stupid again
Love is laughing at him

And here is mine: 

Love lies bleeding-By Lola K.

Heart dripping.
Love spilling.
Smiles pour abundantly from my face.
Constantly blissful.
Everything feels like sex- painful yet euphoric.
And if I could just get over my own head
I could enjoy you
If I could just get out of my head
Then maybe I wouldn't cut the three cords.
I wonder if I’m addicted to you.
They say Cupid has hit me in the most sensitive spot
Feels like heaven and ambrosia
I don’t realize what’s happening.
I run into you
Linger in you
I trust in you
I sleep in you, soundly, like a baby
Then suddenly
There is a shock that jerks me from my slumber
A sharp pain pierces through my chest as reality hits.
I look down
My heart is bleeding.
Cupid has hit me
And the arrow is real.
And it’s killing me
My love lies bleeding on the ground
From my wrists and my heart.
And I die
And quietly.

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