Friday, December 7, 2012

That Sexy Kind of Weird- Meeting Mr. T

"Ok, you're that sexy kind of weird! We just gotta be friends!" the message I got from some random person on Facebook that decided to send me a friend request. For those of you who don't know, I am not one of those "Gotta Catch Em All" Facebook people. I am, typically, very selective about who I add and I will delete people in a flash, even so called "Friends". What is the first thing I think anytime anyone sends me a friend request? The following: Who the hell is this and why are they sending me a friend request? Did they see my picture or something? Did facebook suggest me? Do we have mutual friends? That last question is the first thing I look for. 

The whole while I am trying to answer these questions, I am perusing their page to see what they are about. Are they spammers? Are they weirdos....I perused the hell out  of this guys page and all I saw was funny after funny...I looked to see what we had in common and there was only one thing...a Web Series. I thought to myself, "Maybe that's it..." I decided, what they hey...he couldn't be too bad if his page was this funny. Turns out he's a really cool dude. His name is Mr. T. Why am I bringing him up tonight? Because he proved something to me today. Tantra energy works. 

He said something to me that really made me realize that I am growing in exactly the direction that I want to grow in; and it was so simple and if taken out of context, it could be considered very rude, but rest assured, he was quite the gentleman about it. After having been talking for a few days, possibly a couple of weeks, he said to me, and I quote, "Ok. This might be out of line, but I would love to have sex with you..I think you could really help me open myself". Now we talked and I had him elaborate, and so I know what he was getting at. Let me tell you why this stood out to me. 

But before I go in...I just want to mention that I am sipping on some Sutter Home Wine and the reason why I am bringing that up is because...ok, this is about to be a digression...They raised the price of my cheap wine by a dollar...which then put it in the same price range as some of the other wines and I said, well, fuck it...I am going to try a new wine. So I saw that Sutter Home was priced at about $5 and I saw that they had a ZINFANDEL (2010)! 

Up until just now, I have not tried a regular Zinfandel...I have had plenty of white (and let me tell you, when dealing with White Zinfandel, the cheaper it is, the worse it tastes...Buy the good stuff with White Zin) anyway, I am sippin on this bad boy right now and it's hot to trot. I'm feeling that Tantra Life...Ok...Back to the story...

So anyway, the reason it stood out to me is because of this. A while back, while talking with Master Yao, Coach Khayr had mentioned that he doesn't need to talk to people about what he does, you know, outside of regular conversation leading to it. People just be rolling up on him, in certain places, unsolicited, and start talking about what they do and what they practice...He said that he doesn't do that, but he feels that it's happening because they feel HIS energy...This is what this guy revealed to me. 

I did not tell him that I was a healer. And yet, he picked it up. Why did he want to have sex with me? Not because I am a sexy bitch. Not because I am really nice and seem kind of kinky...No. Because, 'I could really help him to open up'. Let me translate this for the noobs: 

"I want to have sex with you because I feel you could heal me and make it so that I could have better and more open hearted relationships with women in my future." 

That's some powerful shit and that is EXACTLY what Master Yao has been preaching that we need to do. Heal each other through sexual energy, physically when possible. We all want to be loved, and a lot of us fuck people up, but how many people are taking the opportunity to heal and not expect to be compensated in return?

Here's what I mean. A lot of times people get into relationships because of what THEY want. I want, I want, I want, I want... They don't get into relationships for the purpose of healing someone that needs help. They don't get into the relationship with the intent to uplift someone. They don't get into the relationship unless they are pretty sure that it is going to last and be for THEM. They get into the relationship to TAKE, and not experience. 

There is nothing wrong with wanting to find the right man/woman (from now on, I am going to speak from a woman's perspective, but it applies to you men out there). But there is also nothing wrong with having a relationship with the purpose of helping someone get on their feet. Helping someone be a better person. Helping someone be better for THE NEXT PERSON. It doesn't always have to be, "Well, if I can't have him then I ain't going to make him better for the next person. Well, if I can't have him, then I am going to fuck him up for the next person..." But this is what we so often do. 

I say, enter into the relationship. Go with the flow and just be the type of person that inspires. Be the type of person that heals, so that healing just happens. You don't have to make people feel like a low down piece of shit, just because it didn't work out with you two. It's ok ladies, to help a man get on his feet financially and teach him some skills sexually. I'm not saying get used...I'm saying, uplift. Date him for fun, not necessarily for marriage. You can, and marriage might happen...but you can also, in the words of Musiq Soulchild, "Hook up, hang out, just chill". 

Well....Just friends....with benefits...Y'all need to vibe off of this hot joint ri'chere! (right here).

You can still be committed, I'm not saying be frivolous...I'm saying, sometimes just let it be an experience. An experience where by the end, you have left a good taste in the mouth of the person you were with, even if they were not the one for you.  (I'm talking to you men as well...cause y'all be fucking bitches up. But men are more expected to handle things financially...I am talking about both sexes doing both things). Just...SHIT...Just Be A Goddam Human Being to another Human Being. It doesn't always have to be about competition and what you gonna get out of a person in the long run. 

I'm not saying get used...but think about it like this, when you help someone advance in their career, are you allowing them to negatively use you? When you teach someone a sexual trick, are you allowing them to negatively use you? When you help someone start their small business, are you allowing them to negatively use you? When you help that girl pay off their old bills, are you allowing them to negatively use you? No. You are being a good Partner. If they are leeches, then cut them lose...but if they just need a little healing or a little OPPORTUNITY to develop, grow, become fucking awesome!... then facilitate that. And guess what, it comes back to you, because you are creating a new paradigm. This can be done without having sex or with having sex. 

I have some ideas of how I am going to do my best to work something out for this friend of mine (which will be between him and I), but I will be doing it in a way that does not require us to have physical sex, cause I don't know him like that hahaha But I do want to help him out and improve upon my healing skills. 

Now I don't want to be deceiving to you all, he does have an idea of my spiritual views and the kind of stuff that I am into, but I have been quite vague with him and I never outright came out and told him that I was a healer (at least that I can remember)...he picked that shit up. That is the power of Tantra, and let me tell you something else...this isn't just any old leech of a person. He has done nothing but inspire me to do better things with my goals since I started talking with him, including adding this section to my blog. Originally, I only had the author blog and not a personal "sex-capade" one. Also, I did not have a bibliography and he inspired that as well. And he is going to share the knowledge that he has about earning a living from your blog, with me as well. 

So I didn't just attract someone to me, I definitely didn't attract an energy vampire to me... I attracted someone that I can help and that can help me. This is real power. This is real success. This is what I strive to do and one day, be able to formally teach, because I would be a bad ass motivational speaker. It ain't bragging if it's true LOL :D Anyway, that's about all for now. I'm sure I'll be blogging later because I am about to open up that sultry little "Master of the Universe" pdf. 

Peace Bitches! 


As a side note, "Sexy kind of weird" is exactly right when it comes to describing me. 

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