Friday, December 7, 2012

Even Birds Get Sexually Frustrated

My cockatiel is going through hormones right now. I can't be mad at him. You know why? Because this is the first time in over a year that he has gone through this. The other day he bit me when I went to get him to take him out of the cage, not hard enough to pierce the skin but hard enough to leave a red mark and definitely make me nervous and hurt my feelings. There is no question. I am giving him away. He is a very sweet bird and I love him, but he is very loud, compared to my other three birds and when he gets hormonal, that's it. He's fighting everyone in the cage, he's attacking the smaller birds, he's screaming all day-non stop- as loud as possible, he is biting and attacking...Just doesn't work for me or the other birds. I'm actually glad I got him, because he made me realize that I do not want big birds and I definitely don't want any more birds until I get a house in a warm climate and I can keep them outside, so they can scream as loud as they want. And I DEFINITELY don't want any big birds...I'm going to keep it  no bigger than the Indian Ringneck.


See? he's that I've given up on taking my nap. 

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