Saturday, December 8, 2012

Master Yao Responded to My Question!

I am so excited! Master Yao actually made time to answer my question. Here is what I asked and here is what he said.


If you don't mind, I had a quick question. Someone called in on the 12th show (when you were talking about whether women prefer clitoral stimulation or vaginal stimulation) and one of the callers had said that the position of the man being on top (or missionary position) was not in the original tantra positions. I wanted to know if to your knowledge that is true and if so what do you think about it? 
If you have time and would like to answer that would be great. Thank you again for all of what you are teaching. I have been applying what I can. :) 

Master Yao:

I am sorry. I did not see this mail. It was piggy back on previous and hidden on my browser.
Concerning missionary position. Well, if you are having sex in any position you are doing good.  I will not say any position is bad. It appears that the positions as given were designed to address a concern. Some other positions are how they are, because of the way the human energy body is designed. The chakras and meridians and energy motion is what it is. The man seated, and the female mounted on his phallus, in lotus, is designed to take advantage of the "energy orbit". It is for maximum flow, max intimacy, max share. Almost you become one. But it is uncomfortable for some. You must be young, strong and flexible to hold it. It is not a good or bad form, it is specific. The man above and the woman below is not good or bad. It requires the female submit her energy, and the male to be assertive. It is similar to when the woman is tied up. If you are not a receptive woman this is not for you. No blame. If you can get in that energy, the man does all the work and movement. The woman retreats into herself, and soaks up his strokes and his energy. She can have orgasm after orgasm this way. But the man has to be conservative in motion, and dynamic in energy projection. The vagina is not designed that way. Most men are so focused on just getting into bed, the position is not relevant  Most women are in their head during sex. The position will not help them. Men and women are focused on everything except the pleasure of the other. THE FORM MUST FIT THE FUNCTION. That is the rule. Please.... find a man, and f-- his brains out, in every position. Enjoy it. Then gradually work into positions. If you are a controlling yang type woman, practice the submissive postures for expanded pleasure. If you are the passive type, get on top and feel empowered and dominant.  Great Good fortune. 
Master Yao 


Damn! That is one sexy ass Man! Let me tell you! So this sentence near the end here is exactly why I asked the question:
"If you are the passive type, get on top and feel empowered and dominant."-Master Yao

When I heard that person say that the missionary position was not an original position in Tantra, it immediately struck in my mind, that if this was true, that would mean that sex is hugely about, not only a man and a woman bonding, but a woman's power. Then another person came on a different show (a woman), and said the same thing, she said, "The woman is supposed to mount her king". 

I mean there you have it. That was awesome! Think about it. Your man is out all day, bring home the bacon, (not to say that you aren't too, this is just an example based on the ancient ways), and then to relax, he lies down and submits to YOUR sexual power as a woman...and Yes, you are serving him, but he is in a SUBMISSIVE position. :D And how vulnerable are you? Up there, on top of him, fully exposed and visible in all of your imperfect perfection, and yet still, so strong, powerful and yes...just like he said, "Dominant"! While still being a delicate flower...while still being feminine. (No disrespect to the women who work more with the aggressive style of yang energy.) Being in that position takes confidence, skill and trust.

Don't get me wrong...Ain't nuttin wrong wit some missionary! Nevertheless, I found that fascinating! Especially since I have been somewhat intimidated by that position, for various reasons, all psychological bullshit. Point is, I need to get over that and as he said, "If you are the passive type, get on top and feel empowered and dominant," which I am...I am passive and I am learning to be more ASSERTIVE. This is one of the reasons I am doing this blog and being so open in it. Anyway, that's all for now. I gotta get some reading done and read some other blogs. Peace. 

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