Saturday, December 8, 2012

Bound for Life- Uncensored


Giovanni is a loner. He has lost the most influential person in his life, his father. All that remain are his mother and his one friend, Mark, who both live out of town. He has been living life, almost as a zombie, working a job that he hates and living life only to study human behavior, until he meets Alana, who he comes to find out, has serious depression issues. He decides to take her through a journey of self-discovery by way of meditation, self-reflection and sexuality, showing her that life truly is worth living, when you are with the right person. This is the UNCENSORED version so please do not read if you are sensitive to violent threats/innuendos. There is a censored version that you can read that will have the same content with a milder scene. This book contains soft-core BDSM. 

WARNING: This is the Un-Censored version of the book. This version contains a somewhat violent scene that the censored version does not. 

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