Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Long Time

Hey y'all. It's been a bit but I'm back. I've wanted to come back for a few days but I wasn't inspired to write anything. Or maybe I was just too upset to... you know how sometimes you have to wait on the passion to calm down before you can do something constructive with it? Well, that. haha. Anyway, There's a lot that's been going on but I can't type it all in one blog. What I am going to do, is cover a few things over a few days and that way you can all be caught up with what I've been doing. But, I will give you some teasers:

I have finished the final edit of my book and the cover, and it's up on Amazon and Smashwords. I'll post a link when I do the formal blog post about it. Actually...F*ck it. I'll give it to you now. At least the smashwords one. I have to adjust the Amazon copy.

I have officially opened my etsy store and am focusing on the Auset Kulani sector of Free New World, which is making my life so much easier. I have already made 2 sales! Very happy about that. Now I just gotta start learning about advertising. I'll give you that link now too:

And, as usual, I gotta turn y'all on to what I'm listening to right now. I just love this song. Means a lot to me: 

And! She's Guyanese! Like me! :) 

So, for now that's about all. I will be hitting y'all back up soon to let you know the pros and cons of my life and what all's been going down and more detail on the above. Peace. Oh! And before I go, I got a nice picture... finally. Here it is:

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