Sunday, April 21, 2013

Catching Up.

I am making some body butter today. I am aiming to make body "cream," specifically. I don't have a lot to say today; I just kind of wanted to let you all know that I am still here. I am working on finding a balance between this and my other responsibilities. I have to work out tonight. I only have about 2 lbs to go to reach my first short term goal which is getting out of the double digit twos and into the single digits. Then I will only have 10 lbs to lose to get out of the 200's all together. :) That will be nice.

My birds just ate their second egg. That made me really change my attitude toward them. I guess I shouldn't judge them but still, it makes me uncomfortable to know that they are eating their own unborn progeny. 

I have to catch up on some blog reading tonight. :) That's the good thing about getting everything done on Saturday, I have time for what I really want to do on Sunday. 

I have started to claim that I am a Master of the LoA. I am going to get there so may as well claim it now. I can manifest what ever I like. 

Otherwise, I am feeling well. Catch up with you all later. 


Lola K.

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