Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sex Position Diary and Master Yao

I have been thinking lately that I should start a little diary with sexual positions that I come up with, as well as the technique to do them and if they work in a practical setting. I have started to do it in my regular diary but I think there will be enough ideas to go on and do it in a separate book. What will be nice is going back to check and see what I wrote, trying it out and then marking whether or not it works and then rating it: Comfort, pleasure for me, pleasure for him, etc... That would be cool. It is really going to be a sort of a Kama Sutra book because the positions are going to be a combination of what I am learning about Tantra and the actual position. These techniques are not going to be for the initiate hahaha :") That's for sure! I don't think I am going to post all of them on here but I just might turn it into a book one day and make it available...we'll see...gotta keep some secrets. I will post some though...cause what fun would it be if I didn't? None! :D 

I am NOT feeling the font options on this blog site.

This is the song of the night:

Moon and the Sky by Sade 

I was only going to post one but y'all better vibe off of this one right here too..

Mmmmmmm...and this joint right here!

 I came up with one the other day and I'll tell you two things about it...I am calling it: Her em Akhet (Google it) and it involves Kegels! :) It is going to be FUN trying that one out. I don't know when I'll get to though :(

That's about all for now...I might come back and add a little more later. Peace...

Ok. I'm back...That was all of 5 minutes...

1 Word....Floetry...Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm....Yes. 

Oh and this song...Colder Weather...

I'm drinking orange juice out of a wine glass. Whenever I do that, as I am making the decision to do so, I always say to myself, "Because I deserve to". I deserve to have a good, luxurious life and that in involves drinking things that I enjoy out of a wine glass, even when times are hard. I keep my head focused on "The Tantra Life"...Y'all don't know about that yet though...well maybe some of you do and definitely more than me...but y'all gotta check out Master Yao. I gotta get his book: Awakening the Master Feminine. Here is a link to his website (Click Picture Bellow): 

#BOSS...I LOVE this picture! (The Above) This picture embodies how I imagine the Tantra life and that life is my life...even now, because it's in my heart and it is the reason I drink the OJ out of the wine glass. His facebook name is: Yao Morris and you can hear him lecturing on Coach Khayr's show (I don't know much about Coach Khayr (That's him on the left)...but this is where he does his show) (Click Picture Bellow)

I can just see myself drinking wine and champagne with Master Yao. Infact, I would like to BRING him the champagne. Purchase it myself- and a good one too- and take it right to my first class/meet and greet and pour that bad boy up and make a toast to him! :) 

I am doing my gymnastics/tantra/yoga stretching and it has been going well.  

There are two books of his that I would like to get:

He read a sample of that Oracle of Khemsa Nu and I was like DAUUUUUUUMN!
:D It sounds HOT. A droplet of water was lingering on her nipples and everything. The first one is a guide to some Tantra things. It was originally meant for men but women gravitated toward it so he is making a new one called Awakening the Master Masculine. I can't tell you a lot about it because I haven't read it yet. When I get my own version I will make sure to take a picture and tell you all of the juicy details...well some, you will have to get the book yourself :P They are on his website under "books". I guess that's about all for tonight. I'll hit you all up soon. 

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