Saturday, December 29, 2012

Novella and Subtitles

Since my memoir, "Not Quite Black & Blue" only turned out to be about 30k words, it is technically a novella. I have also decided to give it a subtitle; so the new title is: Not Quite Black and Blue-Surviving an Abusive Relationship. The benefit to this is, as soon as they pick up the book they will know what it's about. With the title the way it was, it could be about any number of things: BDSM, School Bullying, Mortification, etc. I am also going to put a stamp on it that says, "Rated MA". I do want young people to read it but I want their parents to be aware that there is vulgar language in it as well as racial slurs. That's about all. I'm bout to go do some editing. Peace.

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