Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Apology Everyone...Google+ Snafu with Deleted Photos

Over the next few days, you all might experience some missing photos. This is because I deleted an album in google+ that I did not realize was connected to my blog. Apparently Picassa (which I knew was connected to Google, even though I don't know what it is) is also connected to Blogger (which didn't know). So I am going to have to wait a little bit at a time for each of my pictures to disappear and then add them back. G+ #FAIL! This is why they shouldn't link everything and expose everything! I DO not like that about mergers!

F#CK THAT! I ain't waiting! I just realize something...I might not have all of these pictures still saved. So I am going to have to go through every blog post that has pictures, resave the pictures and then add them back, today...This is going to be a pain. I'm bout to get real familiar with my Recycling Bin... SMH!

Update 2:
DONE! Finally! That only took #Forever!

Update 3:
Oh! You thought I was Done Done...So did I...but guess what?

Update 4:
Ok. I'm actually done this time. That took me 3 hours! smh Never again.

Update 5:
Remember when I said I was done yesterday? Yeah...I wasn't. Ish is gone off of ALL of my blogs...SMH.

Update 6:
Finally. For the love of God! I am DONE.

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